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When it comes to intelligence, there are a plethora of methods for assessing and certifying a person’s capabilities. The first is the Intelligent Quotient, which measures a person’s overall ability to solve problems, remember events and words, and recall various topics presented. The Emotional Quotient measures a person’s capacity to maintain a calm environment with others, to be on time for meetings and activities, to be accountable, honest, and to set and keep limits. The capacity to develop and maintain a network of friends over a long period is measured by a person’s Social Quotient. There are also cognitive and spatial thinking abilities to consider. These are the criteria that companies use to assess a person’s intellect. The Intelligence Quotient is the most prominent method of assertion among the intangible tools discussed above, and it is used by many established and top firms. PayMe Trivia Quiz Console has created a mobile quizzing application that will challenge one’s intelligence to answer a series of questions while also rewarding the users monetarily. PayMe will carry out this feat with the help of a decentralized exchange platform that will be compatible with a variety of blockchain financial systems. Another common issue that the core team at PayMe Trivia Quiz Console will be addressing is gambling. This issue can be found in both direct and indirect forms. Many sports fans participate in betting games by making accurate predictions; they are paid for making accurate forecasts. This is an indirect kind of gambling that is fueled by sports enthusiasts looking for a way to make money. Individuals in Casinos and Gambling Spots are involved in direct gambling. They exacerbate the problem for society as a whole since the integrity of the gamblers involved is messed with. PayMe Trivia Quiz Console is a platform that promises to alleviate the problem of gambling by engaging users in a fun and engaging way and compensating them monetarily for it.

PayMe Trivia Quiz Console Review.

PayMe Trivia Quiz Console is a collection of experts that have joined together to enlist competent quizzers in the task of assessing their overall knowledge in one of the three areas. Academics, Entertainment, and Sports are among these categories. The Lone Play and Earn Quizzing and the Communal Quizzing Competition are two traditional game entries. The only prerequisite for participation is that qualified players from all over the world show a desire and determination to engage in Play to Earn quizzing on the internet. Before joining, each user must be thoroughly educated and informed about the game's terms and conditions. Participants must be informed that they will be required to complete some financial commitments and that these monies will not be refunded. To begin, the user must first create an account and activate it by depositing a minimum of $20 in the $PayMe Tokens currency. These coins are available for purchase on any listed exchange or during the $PayMe ICO. After purchasing, the user must deposit a minimum of $20 in $payMe tokens into his or her wallet to obtain a payMe identity; once this is done, the member is eligible to play any PayMe Trivia Quiz Console game.

PayMe Software.

This console or system is designed to provide dual CBT capabilities. It was designed primarily as a computer-based test (CBT) console to bring amusement, education, and empowerment to the whole quizzing population. The computer-based test (CBT) might potentially be used as a form of cognitive-behavioural therapy to help people with gambling addictions and behaviours. Participants are compensated monetarily, although passively, for indulging and progressing through the exam. In the long term, this would encourage the study and educate netizens in the sectors of academics, sports, and entertainment.

Service by PayMe.

I adore the strategy the core team is employing to pique the interest of gamers and gamblers. The core team’s goal is to create an ethical game structure that can help gamblers turn their addiction to gambling into compelling research findings. This would be accomplished by first luring gamblers and then transforming their prediction prowess into a good studying habit, one that would progressively detach the harmful gambling addictions, thus rescuing the gamblers.

3.0 Accessibility Strategy.

It's intriguing to learn that the core team plans to make the Payment Console available to practically everyone from all over the world. The PayMe Console will use a hybrid system, which means it will be available in both centralized and decentralized exchanges, allowing all interested netizens to become Quizzers by granting them unfettered access to the PayMe Console. So one's intellectual understanding is the technical know-how here. The Quizzer is awarded Payme tokens worth several dollars after achieving good results in any of the competitions.

solitary quizzer.

This Quiz type is solely intellectual, with the Quizzer participating in a multi-subject quiz game using a play-to-earn quizzing system to encourage research learning and intellectual growth. As a participant, you will demonstrate your intellectual capacity by successfully answering ten questions in three minutes. The top 20 Quizzers receive up to $20 USDT in $payMe daily, seven times a week by precisely midnight. For their academic prowess, three Top Quizzers from the academic quiz niche are awarded up to $250 USDT worth of $payMe token every quarter of the year. This has been dubbed a Scholarship Award by the core team.

The Communal Quiz.

Every week, the payMe Quizzers community participates in a gratifying and lucrative football quiz tournament. Football is one of the most popular and well-known sports in the galaxy, so this comes as no surprise. Each quizzer is supposed to correctly and quickly answer a sequence of questions totalling ten. The winners are determined by the console expertly based on their accuracy and quickness of completing the task. Every Sunday at midnight, this is completed. If you think about it, the team is expertly transforming athletic quiz events from prediction-based activity to research-based action. The best eight hundred Quizzers would be rewarded proportionally by the team. The first 100 performers are given $100. The next 200 participants or quizzers will get a $50 (USDT) $payME token each, and the next 500 will receive a $20 (USDT) $payME token each. This, in my opinion, is a terrific source of passive income that any sports lover would be happy to be a part of.


Token Name: PayMe Trivia Quiz Console
Token Ticker: $payMe
Network: Binance Smart Chain
Registered quizzers: 5,600 members and counting
Total Supply: 100 Billion
Circulating Supply: 20 Billion
Business Development: 15 Billion
Paly to Earn Reward: 20 Billion
4 years vesting: 40 Billion
Team members: 5 Billion

The Core Group.

The core team consists of a collection of IT professionals and Humanitarian Professionals who carefully interact with gambling players to stop the practice. As previously iterated, the team has opted to employ a Quiz platform to serve as cognitive-behavioural treatment for gamers.


It's reassuring to know that a group is working hard to control gamblers' behaviour with the help of study learning and a well-functioning incentive system. It's also enticing to learn that the team is working to create a passive source of revenue for Quizzers who participate in a series of intellectual tasks designed by the PayMe Trivia Quiz Console. This is incredible! Projects like these will change the world by providing new ideas. Many ethnic conflicts and wars may have been avoided if the two sovereign parties concerned had just communicated. Again, the cankerworm corruption arises from leaders who were not adequately schooled and guided on the need of avoiding the love for money, which includes gambling. I am confident that this initiative will bring about a worldwide revolution through digital activities, resulting in better leaders for the future. PayMe Trivia Quiz Console is a fantastic idea; sign up as a quizzer or an investment now!

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