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When the gaming ecosystem's utilities are combined or fused with blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency area, the gaming ecosystem as we know it is evolving as a potential sector.

Consider this: the global gaming population is estimated to be over 2.69 billion people and growing, so imagine what would happen if 2.69 billion people had a reason to participate in the bitcoin market. Cryptocurrency has recently proven to be therapeutic for a large number of people, owing to the financial relief it provides.

The cryptocurrency market is causing a stir in many parts of the world; despite the fact that cryptocurrency is only 15 years old, around 30 countries have already accepted it as a form of payment. Bitcoin use and adoption will almost certainly increase in the future, and the gaming industry will undoubtedly play a role in this.
Aspects of gaming will be highly compatible with the bitcoin and blockchain industries in several ways. If the right utilities are used, the combination of these two ecosystems could be extremely beneficial and profitable.
One feature that the blockchain industry and the gaming industry have in common is their scalability and ability to be exploited.

The blockchain field has few restrictions surrounding its concept; it can be used by anyone, anytime, anywhere with little or no KYC required; it provides a secure and dependable environment; and it will always have a solution for whatever your digital needs may be.

As a result, we've arrived at our main question: how can the blockchain industry and the gaming industry work together effectively? There are a variety of technological methods for accomplishing this, one of the most innovative of which is the platform I'm about to show you. Trade Race Manager 2 is the game I'm referring to (TRM2).


TRM2 connects the most important aspects of the gaming ecosystem with the blockchain and cryptocurrency markets. It offers gamers new and exciting opportunities by allowing them to earn money while playing games. Rather than wasting time playing pointless games, you can use the TRM2 platform to earn useful money in the form of cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

TRM2 is a significantly improved gaming platform that combines the best visuals with the most engaging gameplay protocols while also allowing you to simultaneously and resourcefully explore the cryptocurrency market with the best utilities and features available.
The TRM2 ecosystem now provides a critical route for cryptocurrency traders and investors, complete with all of the instruments required for seamless cryptocurrency transactions.

On the other hand, you'll be provided a more interesting opportunity to learn about the cryptocurrency market, more fascinating in the sense that you'll be able to utilize the TRM2 ecosystem's gaming side to gain all of the required cryptocurrency market concepts, techniques, and processes. As a consequence, someone new to cryptocurrencies will find the experience delightful.

Because the majority of the TRM2 platform's utilities and gaming features are minted NFTs, collecting or winning a new in-game utility in the TRM2 ecosystem is effectively acquiring a precious and uncommon NFT. The Trade Race Manager 2 platform is an excellent gaming and cryptocurrency trading platform, providing efficient solutions to its community's players and traders.

The TRM2 platform should appeal to new traders and gamers as a convenient and complete solution to their curiosity.

Experienced traders and gamers should use the TRM2 as a chance to expand their expertise while also gaining more money and ideas.


The TRM2 platform offers a number of unique and beneficial features that help to keep its ecosystem running smoothly. These characteristics include:

  1. Features of DeFi: The cryptocurrency space is defined by low transaction costs, decentralized processes, transparency, increased privacy, increased security, tokenization functions, and other defi characteristics. The TRM2 platform combines the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystems' benefits.
  1. The liquidity pool offers the following benefits: Liquidity pools were designed to function as a transactional accelerator and a method for liquidity providers to earn passive revenue and rewards in the cryptocurrency industry. This feature is used by the TRM2 platform to increase the value of its ecosystem and to reward people who invest in it.
  2. Stake: Staking in the cryptocurrency world means actively placing your token or cryptocurrency into blockchain networks that demand it for transactional costs or other purposes, while also receiving rewards and incentives. And the TRM2 enables you to take advantage of this simple earning opportunity.
  3. QORPO: QORPO is an entertaining and interactive NFT marketplace with a significant gaming component and a cryptocurrency ecosystem. The TRM2 is a participant in the QORPO marketplace, which they utilize to augment their current cryptocurrency and gaming products. Gamers, artists, traders, and investors may use the QORPO blockchain marketplace.
  1. Defi games include: The TRM2 platform will feature and engage decentralization in its gaming experience since it is integrated with the bitcoin ecosystem. Players and traders will have more opportunities to participate more actively in the gaming and trading ecosystem as a result of this.
  2. Wallet QORPO:The TRM2 platform's native token, the IOI token, may be used for a number of purposes within the platform. The IOI token is also compatible with the QORPO wallet, a TRM2-compatible non-custodial wallet that allows you to utilize the IOI token for a range of cryptocurrency purposes.


  • Token Name : IOI token
  • Ticker : IOI
  • Token Type : ERC20
  • ICO Token Price : 1 IOI = 0.40 USD
  • Fundraising Goal : 500,000 TOKEN
  • Total Supply : 50,000,000
  • Available for Token Sale : 10%
  • Role of Token : UTILITY

Token Distribution

  • 13.33% RESERVE
  • 0,533% MARKET MAKERS
  • 10.67% PRIVATE SALE
  • 5.33% OTHER GAM


  • 18.67% STAKIH
  • 8.00% ADVISORS
  • 20.00% TEAM
  • 5.00% PUBLIC SALE


2021 Q4

  • Finishing works on the Alpha version of TRM2
  • Launch of the Closed Alpha Test for our NET holders
  • Advancement of new exclusive fastest cars and special custom visuc
  • Making progress on tournaments, competitions, and winnings
  • Development of the Beta version of TRM2, polishing the game based on the feedback from the Alpha test
  • Final changes of the most unique NFTS, characters and tournaments
  • Adding and polishing of all the promised features
  • Completing the most epic NFT ecosystem with new unique racers
  • Launch of the Open Beta Test for all registered users
  • Choosing 10 players who joined the Alpha test that will receive special TRM 2 NFT
  • Creating absolutely a whole new level of play2earn game

2022 Q1 : Partner token in-game

  • New vehicle NFTS
  • Polishing and bug fixes
  • NFTS races pass
    Nitro Boost
  • Mobile version of TRM 2
  • Affiliate screen
  • Race Pass

Owners and Managers screen with earning leaderboards

• Boats added to TRM 2
• Race tracks on the sea
• TRM BRAIN: Standalone app for all Premium racers that gives you:
- Crypto fuel screener
- Best performing coins/tokens
- Top racers strategies copy feature
• New NFT vehicles

2022 Q2

• Advertising option for all partners, collaborators, influencers, and racers
• Show your skill, Racer recruitment to your NFT Team for maximum profits
• New NFT vehicles
• Connection to Qorpo ID App
• Polishing and bug fixes

2022 Q3

2022 Q4

• Open world free roam map for TRM2 NFTS
• Polishing and bug fixes
• Minigames in the open world for your NFTS
• New NFT vehicles



To conclude, you no longer need to be concerned about difficult techniques and stressful processes in the cryptocurrency market; the Trade Race Manager 2 platform was designed to make trading more pleasurable, to add value to your gaming time and experience, and to aid the growth of the NFTs market.
To help in the expansion of its ecosystem, the TRM2 platform has forged strategic partnerships with a number of networks and enterprises. It strives to be the most popular cryptogaming platform, but it can't do it without your active engagement in the community. So, go into Trade Race Manager 2 right now and protect your future!

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